frequently asked questions

General FAQ

Q: How long does it take to get a custom made sofa?
A: A custom made sofa typically takes around 3 months.

Q: What if I currently do not have anything to sit on.
A: If you want to custom order a sofa and have nothing to use, we do offer a loaner sofa which the customer is welcome to use while they wait for their order. The only charge to use a loaner is the delivery charge to and from the customer’s home.

Q: When I check the measurements you give me, I don’t know how it will fit through the doorway?
A: The professional movers we use will try to move a sofa through the door on its back which is typically the narrowest part of a sofa. If you have any concerns please contact us for further inquiries.

Q: What if I do not like what I ordered?
A: If your custom order is not a correct representation of what you ordered we offer a re-selection policy.

Q: How long is a regular sale on for?
A: Our sales usually run for one week (Sunday to Sunday).

Q: What are your store hours?
A: Our store hours are posted on our website.

Q: Are your floor models for sale?
A: Yes, a great percentage of our floor models are for sale.

Q: Why doesn’t your web site show prices?
A: Our product assortment changes quite often, it easier for us not to give pricing and updates in person, via email or over the phone for the latest information.

Delivery FAQ

Q: Does E&M Interiors offer delivery?
A: Yes, we offer delivery service, at a charge which varies by location.

Q: How long does it take for my custom order to arrive?
A: It takes around 3 months for your custom order to be produced. A more precise delivery time can be quoted at the time of purchase, when the frame and fabric are selected. We keep you in the loop as your selection is mid-way through production.

Q: Upon delivery, do I need to move the furniture myself?

A: No, we offer different services for our customers such as:

  • Placement of your new furniture by our own courteous and careful delivery personnel.
  • Basic setup of most items, such as attaching hardware, installing shelves, and setting up bed frames
  • Checking for proper operation of adjustable headrests, sleepers, and lamps
  • Attaching mirrors and hutches
  • Removing all packing materials from your home

If you have any concerns with your new furniture, E&M Interiors’ Service Department is there to help. We can come out to your home to inspect the problem and then take the steps to correct it. At E&M Interiors our goal is your complete satisfaction. Should you have any issues, please call us at (604)284-5605.